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I assume you are asking "What is the difference between a praise chorus and a hymn?"

Normally with a praise chorus the same words are repeated several times.

A hymn contains several stanzas with different words. A chorus containing the same words may follow the end of each stanza. Unlike a praise chorus, the chorus at the end of a hymn is only sung once following each stanza.

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Q: What is the difference between a chorus and a hymn?
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What is the difference between verse and chorus?

A chorus is reapeated throughout a song.The main difference between a verse and a chorus is who is singing and who is not. A verse is usually the part of the story that is a song and the chorus is is the sing along part of the song.

What is another name for chant?

hymn, singing, chorus, vocalize

What is the difference between chorus and refrain in poetry?

the difference is that a refrain changes slightly each verse and a chorus is the same every verse

What is the name of the hymn that says in the chorus take it to the Lord in prayer?

The hymn is ' What a Friend We Have in Jesus.' The lyrics can be found at the Related Link below.

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What is the difference between a carol and a hymn?

A carol is a song sung at christmas, and may or may not have a religious content.

What is the difference between a chorus and a choir?

A chorus sings as the general background everyone singing at once and together, whereas a choir has specific singers, singing specific pieces.

What is the difference between a hymn and a classical music?

Hymns are normally referring to religion. Classical pieces are simply pieces created between 1750 and 1800.

What is the difference between a national hymn and a national anthem?

there are many different types of nathems.. theres one that has to do with the hymn book. is like a repititive verse in a song. kind of like i exzalt the repeat.. oh lord

What is a post-chorus in a song?

The part that comes right after the Chorus. Its the brdige between the chorus and verse.

What is the difference between a Vedic hymn and a hymn?

The Vedic religion is an Indian religion in origin, most notably the predecessor of Hinduism-The Vedic texts are scripts, works and hymns related to this religion and the gods of the Vedic religion..A hymn, in general, is any song or poem of praise/thanksgiving to God or a deity.

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Bleachers are for people to watch, for example, sporting events, and risers are for the performers, for example chorus's.

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