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Using Wal-Mart as an example:

An assortment would be something like different types of toothpaste (such as Crest ProHealth, Colgate, etc...) that a store would carry.

A variety would be the different products that the stores carries. Selling groceries, clothes, electronics, etc... is a variety of products.

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Q: What is the difference between variety and assortment?
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What is the difference between the word assortment and variety?

on the basic level variety is just a collection of different products whereas assortment is a collection of variations of a single product. in assortment, the differentiation is in terms of brands, material, sizes e.t.c.

Synonym for the word variety?

Change, difference, variation, dissimilarity.

What is variety?

Variety is assortment and diference

What is the difference between variety and variation?

What is the difference between variation and variety

What are some words that mean diversity?

Variety, Assortment

Which term is a synonym for diversity?

Variance, range, assortment, variety, medley, distinction... multiculturism

What is another word for assortment?

Variety. Plethora. Either one works.

What is another word for selection?


Differentiate the assortment and variety?

Assortment refers to the different types or categories of products available within a particular product line, while variety refers to the number of options or choices available within each category. In other words, assortment refers to the range of product categories, while variety refers to the depth of options within those categories.

What is the difference between the word various and variety?

Grammatically, variety is an abstract noun, and various is an adjective.

What is a variety?

number or collection of varied things, especially of a particular group; an assortment

What is the Difference between variety reduction and Standardization?

Different btw standardization and variety reduction