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A correction is made to something preexisting to correct an error.

An update may include corrections but should also add new functionality or behavior.

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Q: What is the difference between update and correction?
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What is the zero correction and meniscus correction in hydrometer analysis?

· Zero Correction (Fz): If the zero reading in the hydrometer (in the control cylinder) is below the water meniscus, it is (+), if above it is (-), if at the meniscus it is zero.· Meniscus Correction (Fm): Difference between upper level of meniscus and water level of control cylinder.

What is the difference between spring ghegonian calendar?

The calendar was a refinement in 1582 to the Julian calendar[4]amounting to a 0.002% correction in the length of the year

What is the difference between editor and debugger?

Editor detects and modifies the correction to be made on the spot, while debugger show and does the eiting after the execution of the program.

What is a difference between a HOTFix and a patch?

Patch - Publicly released update to fix a known bug/issueHotfix - update to fix a very specific issue, not always publicly released

What is the difference between Error detection and error correction?

In error detection we detect the error.but in error correction we can detect as well as coreect the error error detection we use parity multiplication system i.e even and odd parity.and in error correction we use hamming code as a example.


It is the ordering code for a chart correction log, used by ship captains to update their on-board navigational charts.

What is the difference between convergency and closing angle?

Convergency is the angular difference between two meridians at a stated latitude and closing angle is the angular correction required to reach the desired point after getting drifted off track. The total correction would be drift angle plus closing angle. Whereas, the Convergency = Dlong x sin mean latitude.

What are the differences between McAfee Dat File and McAfee Superdat?

The main difference between McAfee DAT File and McAfee SuperDAT is that SuperDAT allows update scanning engines and McAfee DAT file just update DAT files.

Is there a difference in the correction officer exam and the police officer exam?


Difference between update and append tables in access?

Answer:Update changes the information within the table. Append adds information to the table.

Where to play Naruto ccg online?

you can't' Update! Correction to the answer above. You can put Naruto Trade Cards in Google and you will find out where. :D

What is the difference between executenonquery and executequery?

ExecuteQuery() :To Execute SELECT StatementExecuteNonQuery() :To Execute Other Than Select Statements (INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE)