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The trench gun was a Winchester model 1897 pump action shotgun.

A riot gun is or is modeled on a military M79 40mm grenade launcher. They are designed to fire nonlethal rounds, typically beanbags or riot control gas canisters (CS or teargas).

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Q: What is the difference between trench gun and a riot gun?
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What is another name for a trench gun?

Trench guns, first used in the first world war may also be referred to as combat shotguns, riot shotguns, trench shotguns, bayonets, muskets or blunderbusses.

How can you tell if 520 Stevens is a trench gun?

on the muzzle end of the barrel there will be 3 grooves for the handgaurd/extension, if the barrel is smooth on the outside with no grooves it is a riot gun.

Is COD 5 Trench Gun?

yes, there is a trench gun on cod 5

What can you use in a trench?

They used a trench gun aka a shot gun and a Springfield rifle and a Thompson gun.

What year was Winchester model 12 serial number 906770 and did come with a 20 inch barrel?

Model 12 serial number 906770 was manufactured in April of 1941, and yes, they were made with a 20-inch barrel (the Riot Gun and Trench Gun).

What is the value of a savage 720 military riot gun 12 ga?

If your Savage model 720 riot shotgun has between 60%-80% of its original finish remaining,then it will be valued at between 600-925 dollars.

How much is a winchester97 12 gauge worth?

The answer to your question can only be answered if the serial number in known, and the specific variation is known (e.g. Field gun, Trap, Pigeon, Brush, Riot, Trench, etc.) Bert H.

What is difference between a trap gun and a field gun?

Mainly in the stock

What is the value of an old Stevens Arms shotgun Model 620?

go to this website and it should answer your question The Blue Book lists this gun from $100 to $275. If it has US Military markings, the price doubles, and if it is a military trench gun or riot gun, values run even higher.

Can you use a gun and riot shield at the same time?

In Call of Duty, no, but in real life you could, but only if you could hold a gun and a riot shield at the same time.

What is difference between phosphor bronze and gun metal?

bronze and gun metal

Difference between a trap gun and a sporting clay gun?

Stock dimensions and sights