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There are three types of traffic lights viz., red ,yellow,green. While red signals dead stop,the yellow signals slow movement and green signals free movement.The traffic signals are shown by green arrows,depicting movement of traffic like,right hand,left hand or straight forward.

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Q: What is the difference between traffic lights and traffic signals?
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What is the difference between Traffic Signs and Traffic Signals?

Traffic signs can only display one piece of information and they are normally not illuminated. Traffic signs are usually put on posts on the side of the road and tell you to stop, yield, or what the speed limit is. Traffic signals have a series of lights (usually Red, Yellow, and Green), which change to give motorists multiple directions. Traffic signals are usually placed in intersections, and aside from telling drivers to go and stop, can also flash arrow signals to tell drivers in a turning lane when to make a turn.

How many traffic lights in delhi?

The capital of India has about 800 traffic signals

Why are the lights in traffic signals always in order?

Traffic signs and signals are the same in every state, so that the people wont get confused

Who told the traffic lights what to do?

Traffic lights are programmed by a central computer - and they also receive signals from a sensor built into the road - to take account of he increased traffic flow at peak times.

Where did the stop light originally come from?

Stop lights, also known as traffic lights or traffic signals, were first installed in London, England. The first traffic signal was installed in 1868 to to help control traffic.

What did came first the vehicles or the traffic lights?

Logically, unless there were reasons to control traffic, there would have been no reason to create or install traffic lights. Because "traffic" generally comprises vehicles (motorized or otherwise), the traffic was probably there prior to the lights. Certainly, there were mechanical traffic signals that preceded traffic lights, not to mention traffic officers who once stood at busy intersections to direct traffic on a regular basis.

Were there signal lights on Illinois interstate 55?

All Interstates are limited access and do not have traffic signals.

What is the distance between one traffic light to another?

There is no set distance in between traffic lights.

What is the difference between traffic lights and robots?

It's one and the same thing: the only differents is that the words are used in different Locations: America uses "Traffic lights", where European Countries including South Africa use the term "Robots"

What signals always take priority over signs and traffic signals?

Flashing red lights on emergency vehicles always take precedence over signs and traffic signals. In construction zones, signs related to the construction take precedence over other signs. If a policeman is present, either stopping vehicles or directing traffic, his or her directions take precedence over signs and traffic signals.

Why does the green light matter?

There are lots of green lights. You need a little more detail in the question. For example, maybe you are asking about green lights in traffic signals.

Is the traffic light a foreign invention?

It depends which country you are in! Traffic lights were first used in England (outside the Houses of Parliament in London). They were similar to the signals used on the railways.