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Transaction processing system & management information system

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Q: What is the difference between tps and mis?
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What is the difference between dss and tps?

Differences dss and tps

What is the difference between MIS and IMS?

Diff between ims and mis

Difference between TPS and DSS?


Difference between ERP and TPS?

ERP is an integrated TPS that facilitates the flow of information between the functional areas of a business, primarily provides an organization with an integrated suite of TPS functionality.

What is the scope of management information system?

MIS scope —In banking sector —Airlines —Education sector —Marketing —Hotel management —Stock exchange —HRM MIS application —TPS and MRS —MRS —TPS and DSS —TPS and OIS —TPS and MRS —MRS these all systems applied in above fields —HRIS

What is the difference between Class TPS and Type X Current Transformers?

I am aware that Class TPS current transformers have a Low Leakage Flux design

Difference between mis and data processing?

The important difference between MIS and routine data process are the capability to provide analysis, planning and decision-making assist. An MIS orientation means users have access to decision models and methods for querying the data set. A MIS is more comprehensive than data processing with only process transaction and produce reports.

What is the difference between EDP and MIS?

There are a few differences between EDP and MIS. EDP is mainly used for bookkeeping, operational management, and clerical work. MIS is business driven, heavy planning, common data, and larger reports.

What Is The Relation Between Database And Tps And Mis And Dss?

TPS refers to the number of database transactions made per second. MIS or management information system gather relevant data that are from inside and outside of an organization which are then stored in a database. The DSS or decision support system typically gathers inventory data which are organized into relational databases for the purposes of timely analysis.

What is the difference between a mis trial and an appeal how do you file for one?

you can only claim a mis-trial if no verdict was rendered. an appeal is when you do not agree with the decision that was rendered in court.

What is theThree type of tools used in information technology?

the thrre types of tools are MIS, TPS and DSS