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Toys in the past have used mostly mechanical gears - cams, cans, springs, wind-up mechanisms and so on. There were a lot more wooden and tin toys. Nowadays the toys are made mostly from plastic, use remote control and electronic or at least electrical mechanisms.

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Q: What is the difference between toys in the past than toys now?
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What is the difference between your toys today and Victorian toys?

The Difference between toys today and Victorian toys is that they used china for their dolls (very expensive ) and we use plastic for dolls

What is the difference between Bakugan season 1 toys and Bakugan season 2 toys?

they are different in size season 1 is bigger than season two

What are the differences between the Lego Ninjago TV show and the licensed toys for said program?

The toys are not animated, one would assume there is no real difference other than the fact that the toys are physical representations of the animations on television.

What is the difference between Chinese toys and American toys?

Nothing actually! Almost all of the toys we Americans have are made in China! Only about 2/8 of the things are made here, and most of it is technology. Any way, the difference between American and Chinese toys are that the ones made in America you can be proud of and know that they do not have lead in them! :)

What are the disadvantages and advantages of nowadays toys and the past toys?

Advantage of modern toys: No lead paint. Disadvantage of modern toys: You need batteries.

What toys did children play with in the past?

they had stone, pebbles they couldplay with wooden toys too

What does it mean when you dream your boyfriend plays with toys?

If you are older than him it might be that you feel guilty about the difference in ages.

What is the difference between today's toys and the toys of Victorian times?

most of the toys we have the Victorian children would have been shocked when they saw them because they had not seen anything like them. A big difference is that most of our toys have electricity eg: consoles. If we would have no electricity then we would have to play with wooden toys like the victorians. Now our toy companies advertise on tv which makes them want to buy them. most of our toys come in age groups.

A blast from the past?

There are many things that can be considered a blast from the past. These blasts from the pasts include toys.

What is the difference between Victorian toy soldiers then and now?

We have plastic dolls whereas they have china dolls /we have electrical toys whereas they didnt

Are wooden toys more expensive then plastic toys?

Definitely, I would think wooden toys more expensive than plastic toys. Toys used wood is more environmental friendly than plastic, also labour is more expensive than using machine to make toys.

Are Godzilla toys still popular?

Godzilla toys are still in demand though they are not as popular as they might have been in the past. They can be purchased from retailers such as Toywiz and Toys R Us.

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