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if the force twists an obect, it is called torsion and if the force that stretches an object is called tension.

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Q: What is the difference between torsion force and tension force?
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Is a torsion force an internal force?

Yes,torsion(Twist) is an internal force,along with tension(stretch),shear(cut,bend),compression(squeeze).An internal force acts between two parts of something.

What is the difference between tension and pressure in physics?

There is a huge difference between tension and pressure in physics. Tension refers to a pulling force and pressure refers to a pushing force.

What is the difference between force and tension?

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What are 5 different types of internal forces?

Tension, Compression, Shear FOrce, Bending Moment and Torsion

What is the difference between tension force and friction force?

tension force is pulling something apart, like stretching a rubber band. friction force is when you rub two surfaces together, like rubbing sandpaper on something.

Is spraining your ankle a shear or torsion force?


What forces are involved in catapults?

Gravity and air resistance are key forces acting on most catapults. Depending on the type of catapult, there will also be either tension or torsion. Both are forms of elasticity. Catapults with torsion acting on them are usually ballistas while catapults with tension acting on them are simply called catapults.

What is the difference between stress and strain and tension?

Stress is the tension/compression force per unit area.Strain is the ratio of change of length to the original length, due to applied force.Tension is the applied force which tends to elongate the body.

What is the difference between buoyancy and water surface tension?

Buoyancy is the force exerted by the weight of water displaced by an object that is at least partially submerged in the water. Surface tension a force of attraction exerted between water molecules at the waters surface interface. Something can not become submerged in the water until this surface tension is broken. Surface tension is a very weak force and can be overcome physically or by changing the chemistry at the surface (adding a wetting agent).

What are 5 the different forces acting on structures?

1. Tension (pulling force) 2. Compression (pushing force) 3. Shear (cutting force) 4. Torsion (twisting force) 5. Bending (combination of (tension and compression) 6. Gravity ( it's always acting onstructures and things 24/7- it pulls things down to the ground/ Earth).

Shear and torsion forces are a combination of what?

Shear and torsion forces are a combination of bending stress. This stress characterizes the behavior of a structural object subjected to an external load, which is applied perpendicular to the axis of the object.

What is torsion strength?

Torsion strength measures the largest torsion force the material can withstand and still spring back into its original shape.