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well the differences are tht they are both from diffrent statuses Edwards rich tom is poor edward changed dynamicaly while tom didnot

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Q: What is the difference between tom canty and prince edward?
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How does Edwards reaction to John Canty lend humor to his situation in prince and the pauper?

Edward's reaction to John Canty, mistaking him for Tom Canty, adds humor to the situation in "The Prince and the Pauper" because it highlights the stark contrast between their social backgrounds. Edward's confusion and inability to grasp the reality of his situation as a prince mistaken for a pauper by a commoner like John Canty creates a comical juxtaposition that adds a light-hearted touch to the storyline.

In prince and the pauper what was toms dads name?

In the book by Mark Twain it was the Prince of Wales - Edward the Sixth .

Which best describes how Tom Canty's mother treats Prince Edward at Offal Court?

Tom Canty's mother treats Prince Edward with kindness and compassion at Offal Court, welcoming him into their home and caring for him despite the differences in their social statuses. She shows empathy towards the prince's plight and treats him as a guest with generosity and respect.

What does Tom Canty do that makes some people in the palace suspect that something is wrong with Prince Edward?

Tom Canty's unfamiliarity with royal customs, his lack of education and refinement, and his inability to act like a prince persuade some people in the palace that something is off with Prince Edward. Additionally, his humble origins and mannerisms contrast sharply with what is expected of a prince, further raising suspicions.

What Mark Twain book was Tom Canty in?

Tom Canty was a character in Mark Twain's book "The Prince and the Pauper."

Who is the antagonist in The Prince and The Pauper?

In "The Prince and the Pauper" by Mark Twain, the antagonist is generally considered to be John Canty, the abusive and cruel father of the pauper Tom Canty. John Canty's actions throughout the story contribute to many of the conflicts that the main characters face.

Who is tom canty called in the book The Prince and The Pauper?

tom canty was the poor pauper who had a cruel father and grandmother.

Compare tom canty and edward Tudor?


What are the character traits of the pauper in the prince and the pauper?

the pauper's name is Tom Canty and the prince's name is Edward Tudor. Tom's father is John Canty. The prince finds a friend named Milles Hendon. Henry Tudor is the prince's father, the king. The pauper meets the prince's cousin, the Lady Jane Grey.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Adventures of the Prince and the Pauper - 1969?

The cast of The Adventures of the Prince and the Pauper - 1969 includes: Michael Brill as Lord Chamberlain Gene Bua as Miles Hendon Barbara Huston as Lady Anne Kenny Morse as Prince Edward Barry Pearl as Tom Canty (the Pauper)

What did prissy and margerys mother think edward has been doing for a living in prince and the pauper?

Prissy and Margery's mother believed that Edward had been living as Tom Canty, a poor pauper, rather than the prince he truly was. She thought he had been pretending to be a beggar in order to escape his royal responsibilities.

Who was Hugo in The Prince and The Pauper?

Hugo was a tall, stout, black-haired man who worked as the captain of the guard at Hendon Hall in Mark Twain's novel "The Prince and the Pauper." He was loyal to Miles Hendon and played a significant role in the plot by protecting Tom Canty, the prince, from danger.