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Q: What is the difference between the storyboard view and the timeline view?
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How do you get windows movie maker off timeline?

Click on the Storyboard view.

Why won't windows movie maker play the timeline?

Are you sure you are on the Time-line? 'Cause you won't see movement in Storyboard view.

How do you get the timeline view on windows movie maker?

Down on the bottom, click on the arrow beside where it says Storyboard. It will give you the Time-line.

What is the difference between isometric view and isometric projection?

difference between isometric view and isometric projection

Why doesnt your clip appear on the movie maker timeline when you drag it on it?

If you are dragging it down into the time-line from the collection pane, it is in the time-line somewhere. If you are using the Storyboard view, look further down in the project imports. If your clip is not visible in the collections pane, or does not show up in the time-line or storyboard then it is either corrupt or not compatible with the program.

What is the Difference between a process view and distributive justice and an end state view?

What is the difference between a process view of distributive justice and an end-state view?

What is the difference between see and view?

In computer language, I perceive the difference between "see" and "view" as the difference between "see" (mere ocular recognition) and "read". For instance, "Click one of the documents you see on the screen to view it".

How do you change your timeline to wall view on facebook?

Once the facebook timeline is there its there. It is impossible to remove.

Difference between Reading View and slide show View?


Difference between isometric view and isometric projection?

I think both are same. There is difference between isometric view and isometric drawing that is of size.

Can you view a friends activity on facebook?

You can view everything they've posted on their timeline.

How do you install timeline on facebook?

go to a friends page who has the Timeline and then choose to accept that type of view for your own page.

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