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Q: What is the difference between the role of an imam or a priest or a rabbi?
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What is Another word for religious teacher?

rabbi, priest, Imam, mudarris, Ustaadh, Guru, Acharya

What professions can Christians not do?

Rabbi, mohel, imam, and shaman.

Is an imam the same as a priest?


What is the equivalent of a priest in a mosque?


What is the guy called reading from the Qu'ran?

Do you mean during a prayer? The man leading the prayer and reciting the Quran is the imam. He is the leader of the mosque, just as a rabbi leads a synagogue or a priest leads a church. If the imam is not present, the most knowledgeable of the Quran, chosen by the congregation, leads the prayer in his place.

How can I make choices from people pressuring you?

Ignore them and do what is right. Make sure you know the difference between right and wrong. Also, when people are pressuring you, it is usually because they want you to do things their way. But their way may not be what is best for you. Talk to a neutral person (a priest, a rabbi, an imam, a counselor) and ask for an objective opinion. Consider what other people say, but in the end, the decision must be yours.

What is a Islamic priest called?

An Imam meaning " leader"

What happens when you put a Muslim Imam a Christian Priest a Rabbi and a Buddhist Monk in a room with 10 atheists for a Reality TV Show?

They figure out that reality goes best with a reality TV show so they talk to the atheists

How can you protect your 6yr old grandaughter from her sociopath mother who is also your daughter?

Speak to someone at child protective services. Another option would be to speak with your priest, minister, imam or rabbi, or even a medical professional whom you trust.

What is the name of a Muslim priest?

A Muslim priest is known as an Imam. He is a religious leader who, unlike the Catholic priest, does not have to remain unmarried.ImamThe word "Imam" in Arabic means "leader". In common parlance in Arabia, an Imam is referred as any person who holds a leadership position. Thus an Imam could be anybody who leads the congregational prayers, or one who is the leader of a mosque or any other Islamic institution.

Is national public radio unchristian?

I listen to NPR quite regularly, and I have never heard a lesson, sermon, drosh, d'var, maimar, or homily from any pastor, priest, imam, or rabbi. So I guess you'd have to say that NPR is un-all-of-them.

Who is the imam of cast hashmi syed?

both are basically one family there is no difference between hashmis or syeds