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personal staff work for congress while committee staff work for the state

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Q: What is the difference between the personal staff and the committee staff?
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Explain the difference between a congressional committee staff member and a member of the personal staff of a representative or senator?

Personal staff members work directly for a member, and generally focus on local interests. Professional staff members (referred to as PSMs) work for a committee. The committee relies on the professional staff to conduct visits and report their findings to committee members. The interest of a PSM is typically focused on programs or systems for which the committee has oversight responsibility. PSMs on military oversight committees are often retired military officers. This is from a US Military site here

What is the difference between personal and personnel?

Personal means it belongs to you - i.e. personal belongings means those things that belong to me, they are personal. Personnel = staff or workforce

What is the difference between line relationship and staff relationship?

The difference between line relationship and staff relationship is that, line relationship receives command from the top management, while staff relationship is managed by all staff.

Difference between line and staff function?

The primary difference between line function and staff function is accountability. Line functions are typically used for sales and production, while staff functions are used in production planning and marketing.

What is the job of the committee staff?

They staff committees no joke a committee staff help representatives staff committees for a certain job or program. no problem if i helped anyone im just trying to help.

What staff members are not assigned to one congressperson but work for many of them.?

committee staff

What is the difference between Staff nurse and BSc Nursing? nursing is little but high rank than staff nurse

What staff member handles requests for help from the lawmakers constituents?

Committee Staff Member

What is the difference between a staff sergeant and a captain in the British army?

A Staff Sergeant is a noncommissioned officer, whereas a Captain is a commissioned officer.

What is the difference between the line and staff?

Line has authority to give order to subordinates. A staff can not give order. Staff can only suggest line. Hence line is responsible for the work of subordinates, but staff does not.

Indian chief of joint staff committee?

india don't have that

What are the differences between residential and nursing homes?

There are not many differences between residential and nursing homes. They both offer accommodation, meals and personal care. The only difference is with the staff on duty. At a nursing home, they will always have at least one nurse on hand if not more. A residential home will call a medical staff in from an outside agency for medical needs.