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the difference is this is small and that is big

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Q: What is the difference between the humanitarian law and international law?
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When was International Institute of Humanitarian Law created?

International Institute of Humanitarian Law was created in 1970.

What year was the international humanitarian law was write?


What is the difference between domestic and international law?

International law is limited to each country whereas domestic law is law within a country that is followed.

What has the author Monika Sandvik-Nylund written?

Monika Sandvik-Nylund has written: 'Caught in conflicts' -- subject(s): War victims, War (International law), Legal status, laws, Human rights, Humanitarian assistance, International humanitarian law, Armed conflict, Protection of civilians, Humanitarianism, Civilian population, War, International criminal law

What has the author Andrea Bianchi written?

Andrea Bianchi has written: 'Counterterrorism' 'International humanitarian law and terrorism' -- subject(s): War crimes, Humanitarian law, Terrorism (International law) 'L' applicazione extraterritoriale dei controlli all'esportazione' -- subject(s): Export controls, Conflict of laws, Exterritoriality 'Counterterrorism'

When was Humanitarian Law Project created?

Humanitarian Law Project was created in 1985.

Under what area of international law is the death penalty protected?

International Human Rights Law (see International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights). Also, International Humanitarian Law (see Geneva Convention IV) governs certain aspects of imposing the death penalty in occupied territories.

What has the author T V Bordachev written?

T. V. Bordachev has written: '\\' -- subject(s): Humanitarian intervention, Intervention (International law)

Is International law the same as Public International law?

In broad terms, public international law refers to dealings between states--treaties, custom, etc.--and private international law to those laws affecting dealings between individuals (e.g. international contracts, labour deals, etc.)

What has the author James A Green written?

James A. Green has written: 'Conflict in the Caucasus' -- subject(s): International status, Foreign relations, Humanitarian law

What is the difference between labor law and social legislation?

difference between labor law and social legislation

Consideration meaning and difference between English law and Indian law?

difference between Indian and English law under consideration