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There are no difference between htm and html. Occasionally, people would drop the L since both are accepted. Certain types of computer will find it confusing if one does not include the L at the end.

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Q: What is the difference between the function of htm and html?
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Difference between htm and HTML extension?

There is great difference between .htm and .html extensions. Everyone think there is no difference but something is hide here. Acutally I don't know more but one thing is ....Using DOS we can't give more than 3 letter/character extension and when we execute the file from DOS we can't execute the file if it's extension contains more than 3 characters. So we use .htm in earlier time. But nowadays all systems support .html extension. In preferred to use .htm extension not .html because .htm is supported either old systems and modern systems. Dr.Nach

What is the main function of browser options a compile html b interpret htm c decompile html d interpret cgi program?

The main function of most Web browsers is to interpret (and display) Hypertext Markup (HTM).

What does HTML without the L mean?

The extension htm or html can be used for HTML files. Some computer systems only support 3 letter extensions, which is why some people only use htm for the extension. For the file itself it does not make any real difference. It is still a HTML document and will work on the internet. Browsers will open it whether it has a htm or a html extension.

What is the function of i HTML tag?

<i> is for italics the HTML tag itself <html> is to let the browser know how to read the code and you save the file as .html or .htm. It simply reference the code that the web page is written in.

What is extension of HTML file?

.html or .htm

What is the difference between htm and HTML?

It's pretty much the "L" One or the other can be used when creating a code, you just have to make sure you use one or the other.

What is an HTML file extension?

The original extension of a HTML page was .htm because of file name restrictions that limited filetype extensions to 3 characters, today you can use 3 or 4 so either .html or .htm is perfectly fine.

What extensions are added to basic HTML documents?

.htm, .html, .xhtml

What is the default file extension for a webpage?

The extension for web pages are usually either .htm or it also can be .html as well

What is the extension of HTML and xml?

You mean the file extension, right? HTML: .html or .htm XML: .xml

What is the extension for webpages when they are saved as files?

.htm and .html

What are two extensions to save and HTML?

cntrl +s .htm