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Rifles have spiral grooves cut into the inside of the barrel, known as rifling. Muskets are smoothbore. Rifling causes the bullet to spin in flight, permitting accuracy at long ranges. Also slower to load.

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Q: What is the difference between the flintlock rifle and the musket?
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What does a flintlock musket do?

Nothing different from a rifle.

What is the difference between a musket and a rifle?

A musket is smooth bored, like a shotgun's bore. A rifle has rifling inside the bore (grooves).

What are some Revolutionary war weapons?

-Black powdered rifle -calvalry sword -bayanette -cannon -flintlock pistol -musket

How much did a flintlock musket rifle cost in the revulutionary war times?

Around $12 which was a lot of money in those days!

What Type of sniper rifle in the movie wanted?

It's a modified flintlock musket with some type of scope and tripod assembly mounted to it.

What is a light flintlock musket called?

A flintlock firearm uses a springloaded hammer with a flint attached to strike against a hinged steel plate in order to shower sparks into a shallow pan filled with a small amount of black powder in order to ignite (shoot) a weapon. They were originally invented in Germany in the middle 1600's and were the standard military weapon (musket) from that time until about 1830 when they were replaced by the percussion Cap system. The flintlock musket is the weapon prominent in the American Revolution and the Napoloenic Wars. Usually loaded through the muzzle with tha aid of a ramrod, a slow and cumbersome process.

How the musket different from the rifle?

the musket does not have a rifled barrel and a rifle does

What is the difference between a pistol and a musket?

A pistol would generally be considered a weapon with a relatively short barrel length like a handgun, whereas a musket would be a long barreled weapon more like a rifle.

What kind of weapons did they have during the Revolutionary War?

Soldiers during that time mainly used muskets with bayonets attached to the end. Some soldiers could afford a single shot rifle. The sailors and Navy would most likely use flintlock pistols as did pirate Sir Francis Drake.Artillerymen would have the cannons (obviously) and short swords. The Calvary Men would have model 1763 Sabers and sometimes Flintlocks like the Navy.

What is the value of 1861 flintlock rifle flintlock serial number 32990?

No such thing. The last flintlock rifle of the US Military was the Springfield Model 1840. You need a hands on appraisal by a dealer in muzzleloaders.

What type was the fist gun?

flintlock rifle

What is the part of the gun that is called frizz-en?

On a flintlock rifle or musket, when the trigger is pulled, the flint is scraped down a metal cover, showering sparks into the priming pan, firing the weapon. That metal cover is the frizen.