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what is the difference between plu and sku

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2014-03-13 08:03:01
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Q: What is the difference between the PLU and SKU?
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What is the difference between a SKU and a UPC?

SKU - Stock Keeping Unit. This is the actual package/product. UPC- Universal Product Code. This is the code assigned to the SKU which is used to identify it. Each product (SKU) is assigned a unique UPC which will differentiate it from all others.

Difference between Case Fill rate Line item fill rate?

In a retail store scenario: Line Fill: Ratio between the number of SKU's received at a store and the number of SKU's to be received. SKU's allocated is say 3500 sku's SKU's received are 1050 Line fill is 1050/3500 x 100 = 30% Case Fill: Ratio between the number of pieces that are received against an SKU/Department to the number of pieces that are allocated. No: of pieces allocated for SKU 1234 is 144 No: of pieces received is 36 Case fill is 36/144 x 100 = 40% Line fill is discussed at the store level. Case fill is discussed at the SKU/Department level.

What is the difference between Microsoft Office Pro 2010 parts number SKU-269-14670--SKU-269-14964?

SKU-269-14670 is the UK version of MS Office Pro 2010; it's made in Ireland.SKU-269-14964 is the US version of MS Office Pro 2010; it's made in the US or in Puerto Rico.

What is the definition of the prefix plu?

the prefix plu means more

How do you read a Macy's sku?

sku 1228162

When was SKU Amstetten created?

SKU Amstetten was created in 1997.

When you read the word SKU do you sound it out and say somethink like squeue or do you spell it SKU?

An SKU is commonly referred to as a skew.

What is the past participle for pleuvoir?

"plu". Example: "il a plu ce matin" (it rained this morning)

What is the average SKU of a Home Depot?

Average SKU? Are you talking about the average price?

How do sku works?

SKU works as we can track the orders we placed for product or software.

Where do you find your sku code?

The SKU (or UPC label) code is on the outside of your box.

How you read the exparation date on Godiva chocolate?

Lot 31822 SKU 5091

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