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Talc is a very soft mineral, often used to make talcum powder, the powdered version of that mineral.

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Q: What is the difference between talc and talcum powder?
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How does talc react in water?

talc doesn't react with water at all as the talc is insoluble in is chemicaaly called hydrated magnesium silicate.there may be a slight reaction of talc powder or talc with mineral acids.talc is now widely called talcum powder

Will talcum powder dissolve in water?

Talc is insoluble in water.

What is the Chemical composition of talcum powder?

finely ground talc rock. the softest rock there is.

Does talc have any special properties?

Talc is one of the softest minerals with a hardness of 1. Talc is also crushed into a powder called talcum powder which is used a fertilizer.

A mineral with silky luster that is used in baby powder?

Soft white talc is used for talcum baby powder.

Will talc powder injure baby in the womb?

No. Applying talcum powder to your skin will not hurt your child.

When was talcum powder invented?

Talcum powder is powdered talc, which is a rock. It's probably been used for more or less as long as there have been people.

Should your balls and penis stick really bad?

Try baby powder or talcum powder (talc).

A mineral used for baby powder?

The mineral with a silky luster that is used in baby powder is talc. Baby powder also contains a mixture of magnesium.

Is baby powder and borax powder the same?

Baby powder is based on talc ( talcum powder). Borax powder is used as a laundry and cleaning product .

Where does talcum powder come from?

Talc is a natural mineral, an Aluminium Silicate, and is quarried for cosmetic and industrial purposes.

What is another name for talc?

Talc is the name of a soft mineral that is found in nature. There does not seem to be any other word for it.If you are thinking of the powder made by pulverizing talc, then that is talcum powder, or talcum for short.add. Talc is hydrated aluminum silicate, and is the softest mineral, and is accorded a hardness of 1 on the Mohs hardness scale. The word is from the Persian.