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we use switchgear for low voltage while switchyard is use for highvoltage transmission and distribution . There is an other factor known as insulation because for low voltage we should low insulation and for high voltage we need higher insulation.Cost is another factor between both.



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Q: What is the difference between switchgear and switch yard?
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What is the difference between a line isolator and a bus isolator?

If I'm interpreting the question accurately, a "line isolator" is an insulating standoff for transmission or distribution cable. A bus isolator is an insulating standoff for tubular or bar bus as is normally seen in a substation switching yard.

What is vcb yard?

The VCB yard us basically a yard that uses the Vacuum Circuit Breaker.

To moderate the high voltage of currents entering a house from power lines a is used?

transformer YES but transmission is 475kv and distribution is 16kv and finally one phase out of a transformer on a pole or on the ground. An electric switch yard will have transformers to reduce to distribution voltage.

How do calculate the size of a ground wire?

Assuming that the question is being asked about "dirt"; in the United States, the volume of dirt is calculated in cubic yards. In the rest of the world, the volume of dirt is calculated in cubic meters. A cubic yard of dirt is the volume of dirt that fits in a space 1 yard (36 inches) by 1 yard by 1 yard. A cubic meter is 1M X 1M X 1M.

What is grid substation?

this type of substation are considered important because any sort of disturbance in these substation may lead to the failure of grid.this type of substation are used to transmit huge amount of power from one point to other point in the gridAnswerA substation is a location where electricity transmission/distribution voltage-levels are changed and switching is carried out, as opposed to a power station, where electricity is generated. A substation, therefore, is a yard/building in which there are transformers, switchgear, busbar systems, and protection systems.A grid substation is part of the electricity grid system -i.e. part of the transmission system. In the UK, this involves voltage levels of 400 kV, 275 kV, and 132 kV.