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go take a dump

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Q: What is the difference between sweating and transpiration?
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What molecules represent transpiration?

Water (H2O). Transpiration is like the plant form of sweating.

How does the body lose salt ions?

It is possible by sweating (transpiration).

What is the difference between transpiration and perspiration?

Perspiration is sweat, whereas Transpiration is excess water vapor from plants and trees.

What is the process of a tree sweating called?

Tree sweating? Never heard of that but do you mean transpiration? Where water is drawn out from the leaves of plants because of the difference in water potential gradient? (There's less water outside of the leaf so the water diffuses out of the leaf)

What is the difference between sweating and perspiring?

Animals Sweat! People Perspire! We are used to using sweating for humans but the word to use should be perspire.

What is the difference between transpiration and aspiration?

Aspiration is something that you can believe or think. Transportation is a way you get from one place to another. Transpiration can also refer to the movement of matter between cells, and aspiration can also mean inhalation.

What is the difference between transpiration and gutation?

Gutation and transpiration are carried out by different plants. Gutation is the process of losing water through the stems or the parts of plant other than the leaves whereas transpiration is the loss of water through the leaves.

What is the difference between transpiration and respiration?

Both transpiration and respiration have to do with movement of molecules, but they are different processes. Transpiration is the movement of water that goes through a plant and eventually evaporates from the plant above-ground. Respiration is the movement of oxygen through the body and the expulsion of carbon dioxide.

What are the differents between cuticular transpiration and stomatal transpiration?

cuticular transpiration occurs through the cuticle while the stomatal transpiration occurs through the stomata.

What is transpiration of a plant?

It is a process similar to evaporation. A part of the water cycle in which water is lost through the stomata. It is the equivalent of a human sweating.

Different between sweat and transpiration?


What are the differences between respiration and transpiration?

Respiration happens 24/7 while transpiration only occurs when there is sunlight.