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the moon's light is the reflection of the sun's light but gives off no heat

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2010-09-27 22:05:07
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Q: What is the difference between sunlight and moonlight?
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How are moonlight and sunlight different?

Moonlight is reflected. Sunlight is direct.

Is moonlight actually sunlight?

The moon does not have any light of its own. The moonlight that we see on earth is sunlight reflecting off of the moons surface.Simple answer - moonlight IS sunlight, though the sunlight is reflected from the moon to the Earth.

Is sunlight the same as moonlight?


Is sunlight reflected moonlight?

Almost. You have it backwards. Moonlight is the reflection of the Sun off of the Moon. Our sunlight on Earth is direct light from the Sun.

Does moonlight come directly from the moon?

Moonlight is sunlight reflected off the surface of the moon.

What causes moonlight?

It is sunlight hitting the moon that reflects back on the earth. Surprisingly enough, moonlight is caused by sunlight. Moonlight is a result of the sun shining on the moon and reflecting back down to the earth.

By what factor is sunlight more intense than moonlight?

Bright sunlight provides around 100,000 lux, while moonlight (full moon) is only around 0.2 lux. There is a huge difference, but our eyes are able to adjust very well to light levels so we don't notice the difference as much. Sunlight is around 500,000 times brighter than full moon light.

Why is moonlight so bright sometimes?

refelction of the sunlight

Why can you see moonlight?

because of the sunlight reflecting off of it!

What is the sunlight in the moon called?

Sunlight reflected to Earth off the Moon is called moonlight.

How many hours of moonlight does Antarctica get?

When there is no sunlight, viewers on the Antarctic continent can see moonlight 24/7.

Is moonlight reflected from the sun?

What we refer to as "moonlight" is, actually, reflected sunlight. The moon does not produce its own light.

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