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There is no difference, they're the same thing!

Sumer is just a short way spelling of Sumeria.

(Btw, you must make sure you spell the short way 'Sumer' not 'Summer')

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Q: What is the difference between sumer and Sumeria?
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What are differences between Mesopotamia and Sumeria?

what are the differences between indus and sumer civilization

The region in mesopotamia were the first civilization developed?


How do you spell summeria?

The ancient civilization in western Asia was Sumeria (aka Sumer, circa 4000-2000 BC).

What are some exports and imports relating to sumer?

The primary trade item of Sumeria was agricultural products such as wheat and barley.

What was the worlds first civilization?

The sumer civilization is said to be the first civilizes state, it existed in the Middle East

What is difference between Sumeria and Egypt's form of writing?

The writting of the Sumerian Civilization was cuneiform while the Egyptian was hieroglyphs

What is the difference between schools in Sumer and Schools in the US?

Certainly! In short , "School in Summer" refers to specialized programs during the summer months, while "School in the US" refers to the standard academic year in the United States.

Which continent is sumer located in?

Sumer is located in between Asia and Europe

What is the most important difference between the Sumerians and Babylon?

Babylonia emerged when Hammurabi created an empire out of the territories of the former kingdoms of Sumer. In other words, Babylonia began the Empire that Sumer started but they were the same people.

When did Sumer begin?

Sumeria was established in between 4000BCE and 3000BCE when farms from the north moved into the southern part of Mesopotamia. They were able to force the original settlers out because they were organized under a king whil the original settlers had no particular leaders.

What was one major difference between the people of Sumer and Akkad?

sumer : southern mesopotamia, more power full, son of king became king later had a class system akkad : northern mesopotamia, less power full, sargon conquered city states in sumer and, started his empire.

Why it is winter in US when it is sumer in Asturlia?

The tilt of the earth causes the direct rays of the sun to be focused on a different hemisphere each winter or sumer, causing the difference.