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sugar crystals are just small sugar pieces that combine into sugar cubes

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Q: What is the difference between sugar crystals and sugar cubes?
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Sugar cubes are made by mixing sugar crystals and what?

Sugar syrup

Are sugar crystals square?

No, sugar crystals are not square. They are typically shaped like tiny cubes.

What is a good experiment using sugar cubes and sugar crystals?

i think it does because sugar cubes are shaped like a cube and they are much bigger than sugar crystals . and also it affects the amount of sugar you are putting in the glass and i think using sugar cubes would do a good experiment of dissolving sugar

What is more expensive granulated sugar or sugar cubes?

sugar cubes

Are fruits and vegetables unhealthy if you eat to many?

Yes, fruits can be. They contain sugar and the body can not tell the difference between sugar from candy or fruit. One orange for instance is the same amount of sugar as 4 sugar cubes. Nothing is good in excess.

How sugar can take the shape iof jar but sugar is solid?

Most sugar bought for home use is granulated, so it pours freely. Therefore, it will fill a jar and take on the shape of the jar. Sugar cubes are solid cubes, so there will be a lot of spaces between the solid cubes.

What are sugar crystals made for?

From sugar monoclinic crystals.

Is it better to use sugar or sugar cubes when doing a project?

it is better to use sugar cubes

Would sugar crystals be physical science?

Sugar crystals are physical objects.

Can you use a straw to make sugar crystals?

do sugar crystals form on straws

Can you make sugar crystals out of substitute sugar?

No. You could perhaps make substitute-sugar crystals out of substitute-sugar, depending on what the substitute was made of, but by definition only sugar can make sugar crystals. Also the substitute sugar forms alot of mold.

How many sugar cubes in a large Mc'chicken burger?

There are no sugar cubes in a McChicken sandwich. The sandwich does, however, contain 360 calories which is the caloric equivalent of roughly 14.5 sugar cubes.