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their color

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Q: What is the difference between strong iodine solution and weak iodine solution?
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Can strong iodine solution be taken internally?

Strong iodine solution that is not diluted can cause irritation and damage to mucous tissues.

What is the latin name of of strong iodine solution?

Lugol's solution

What are the advantages and disadvantages of strong iodine solution from tincture of iodine?

Unlike the iodine solution in water, the tincture of iodine keeps the iodine molecules in the solution in a more stable way, hence the latter has a lower probability to sublime and get out of the system.

Strong iodide solution or what contains 5 iodine and 10 potassium iodide?

That would be a 5% solution of Lugol's iodine.

What is the role of potassium iodide in the formulation of strong iodine solution?

The role of KI in the preparation of strong iodine solution is to enhance the solubility of iodine crystals in water. Iodine is generally not soluble in water. The KI is added to help the iodine to be dissolved. -College Chemistry professor

What will happen when you add strong iodine solution to chloroform?

organic solvent layer is violet

What is difference between strong and brave?

What is the difference between strong and brave

What is the difference between a weak and strong acid involves the acids ability to do what?

The acids ability to disassociate completely in solution. Strong acids do and weak acids do not.

Difference between acid and a strong acid?

A strong acid dissociates more, producing a greater concentration of H+ ions in solution, giving a lower pH than a weak acid.

What does QC stand for in logul's iodine?

1. the Iodine solution should be free of any signs of bacterial or fungal contamination 2. the color should be that of strong tea(discard if too light)

What is the difference between strength and strong?

there is no differences between strength and strong. Only that strong is a synonym of strength.

What is the difference between h2so4 and ch3 co oh?

The first, sulfuric acid, is a strong acid and oxidative / corrosive in 4% solution The second, acetic acid, is a weak acid and consumable in 4% solution (vinegar)