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Both the properities are having the ability to absorb the energy,but they differ in elastic properity,If the same amount of energy being absorbed by the materials having mechanical properity of toughness and stiffness,The elastic range of tough material is more ,than the stiff material when compared.Spring material is tough,but Low carbon mild steel with annealed heat treatment if stiff,Hence the difference can be made between them,

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Q: What is the difference between stiffness and toughness?
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What the difference between resilience and toughness?

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What the difference between resilience and toughness in metal forming?

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What is the difference between impact strength and toughness?

impact strength is sudden load bearing capacity & toughness is steady load bearing capacity.

What is difference between hardness and toughness?

Toughness is the ability of steel to absorb energy. Hardness is the ability of steels to withstand wear. Hardness is the ability of material to withstand the indent and is measured in rockwel or vickers. also it is a measure of stiffness of material. but hardenability is ability of material to become hardened by various methods of hardening such as carburising or quenching. it is firmly dependent on quantity of carbon in that material. and actually it doesn't have any measuring unit !

What is the difference between 100 flex and 50 flex hockey sticks?

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What is the difference between toughness from impact test and toughness from tensile test?

A tensile test is performed by stretching the material until it breaks. An impact test is performed by applying a sudden shock to the material so that it fractures.

What is the difference stiffness and rigidity?

Rigidity is a property of material itself whereas stiffness is a function of material property, sectional property and end conditions.

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What is the difference between balsa wood and pinewood?

They differ by both density and stiffness. Balsa is about/almost three times lighter and pine is three times stiffer. N.J.

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