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The difference between standard form and vertex form is the standard form gives the coefficients(a,b,c) of the different powers of x. The vertex form gives the vertex 9hk) of the parabola as part of the equation.

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2013-07-10 14:18:13
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Q: What is the difference between standard form and vertex form?
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Convert between standard and vertex form?


What is the difference between standard and exponetial form?

if u write 100000 this is standard form. and if you write 104 this exponential form

What is the difference between a standard form recipe and a descriptive form recipe?


How do you convert standard form to vertex form?

y= -5/49(x-9)^2+5

What different information do you get from vertex form and quadratic equation in standard form?

The graph of a quadratic function is always a parabola. If you put the equation (or function) into vertex form, you can read off the coordinates of the vertex, and you know the shape and orientation (up/down) of the parabola.

What is the difference between the slope intercept form and the standard form?

Slope intercept form is displayed as y=mx+b.

What is the standard form of the equation of the parabola with vertex 00 and directrix y4?

Assuming the vertex is 0,0 and the directrix is y=4 x^2=0

What is the plural form of vertex?

The plural form of vertex is vertices or vertexes.

How do you find the vertex from a quadratic equation in standard form?

look for the interceptions add these and divide it by 2 (that's the x vertex) for the yvertex you just have to fill in the x(vertex) however you can also use the formula -(b/2a)

How do you convert vertex form to quadratic form?

Do you have a specific vertex fraction? vertex = -b/2a wuadratic = ax^ + bx + c

What is the vertex of the parabola y equals -2x squared plus 12x -13?

There are two forms in which a quadratic equation can be written: general form, which is ax2 + bx + c, and standard form, which is a(x - q)2 + p. In standard form, the vertex is (q, p). So to find the vertex, simply convert general form into standard form.The formula often used to convert between these two forms is:ax2 + bx + c = a(x + b/2a)2 + c - b2/4aSubstitute the variables:-2x2 + 12x - 13 = -2(x + 12/-4)2 -13 + 122/-8-2x2 + 12x - 13 = -2(x - 3)2 + 5Since the co-ordinates of the vertex are equal to (q, p), the vertex of the parabola defined by the equation y = -2x2 + 12x - 13 is located at point (3, 5)

Difference between place value and face value?

The difference is the PLACE VALUE is the number in standard form and the VALUE is the name of the place spot the number is in.

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