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Android OS with Touch inshort Galaxy mobiles.

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Q: What is the difference between smartphone and touch phone?
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Is the cosmos touch a smartphone?

the cosmos touch is not a smart phone.

Is Verizon Wireless Envy touch a smartphone?

No, the Envy Touch is a basic phone. At one time, it did require a 10MB data plan but it doesn't carry the fuctions of a smartphone and Verizon Wireless never considered it a smartphone. It is basic phone.

Is the iPod touch a smartphone?

No, the iPod Touch is not a smart phone, because the iPod Touch isn't a phone. It is an mp3/mp4 music player.

What is the difference between Lg banter touch and Lg rumor touch?

They are the same phone.

What is the difference between the iphone and the normal cell phone?

The difference is that an i phone has touch screen. It also has a lot of aplications

Is the cosmos lg touch a smartphone?

No. The LG Cosmos Touch IS NOT a smart phone. Its the only touch phone at Verizon that's not a Smart. hope this helped :)

Is an iPod Touch a smartphone?

No, the iPod Touch is not a smart phone. It is an iPod, which is a brand of mp3 (and mp4) player. The iPhone is basically the iPod Touch with the phone, and is your smart phone that you are looking for.

What is the difference between a smartphone and a tablet?

Phone: Primary purpose is making phone calls. Tablet: Mini computers primarily targeted at office work and web browsing. They should also take a keyboard, and touch should be the input method.

What is the difference between an I phone and a touch mobile?

There is a difference because on the iphone you can get apps, play games, listen to music, read your email, surf the web and much more, whilst a touch phone is just a touch phone.

What is a easy to use touch screen phone?

I'm gonna say probably a iphone, smartphone, or an LG touch screen phone.....hopefully that helps!

Is the lg chocolate touch a smartphone?

No, but it does qualify as a 3G multimedia and social networking phone.

What is the difference between iPod nano and iPod touch?

A Nano is a Shuffle with a screen, while a Touch is a iPhone without the phone.

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