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Simple majority is over half of everyone.

i.e. 51/100

Two thirds majority is two thirds of everyone.

i.e. 66.6666666.../100

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Q: What is the difference between simple majority and two thirds majority?
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What is the difference between a simple majority and a two thirds majority vote?

For a majority system, all that is required to reach a decision is that a majority of voters prefer one alternative to another. In a two-thirds majority system (also known as supermajority), two-thirds of voters must prefer one alternative to another for it to be decided. This means more support is necessary under supermajority than under simple majority rule.

What is difference between the absolute majority and simple majority?

A two-thirds majority means that 2/3 of a voting body is required to agree to something. A simple majority means that one vote more than 1/2 is required. For example, in the U.S. Senate, a 2/3 majority is 67 out of 100 senators, and a simple majority is 51 out of 100. In the case of a tie vote of 50 yes votes and 50 no votes, the Vice President, who is president of the Senate, casts a vote to break the tie.

What the difference between two thirds and four?

two thirds is a fraction and 4 is a whole number

What is the difference between three eighths and two thirds?

The difference is 7/24 .

What is the difference between a half and 2 thirds?

one sixth

What is the difference between 8 and two thirds and 9 and one third?

The difference is two thirds (2/3) To answer these questions, one needs to turn mixed fractions, such as eight and two thirds, into (im)proper fractions, such as twenty six thirds. The question then becomes what is the difference between 26 thirds and 28 thirds. The answer: 28/3-26/3 = (28-26)/3 = 2/3

What margin is required to convict and remove a president?

A two-thirds majority of the Senate is required to convict the President from office. A simple majority in the House suffices to impeach and force the Senate to hold a trial.

What vote is required to convict and remove a president?

A two-thirds majority of the Senators voting is required to convict the President from office. (A simple majority in the House suffices to impeach and force the Senate to hold a trial.)

What is the majority to pass a bill in Congress?

i believe it's three-fourths. someone correct me if I'm wrong it must receive the support of two thirds of its members

What margin is needed to impeach the president?

While the House of Representatives can impeach a president on a simple majority vote, the Senate must receive a two-thirds majority in favor of the impeachment for the resolution to pass. Justifications for impeachment includes treason, bribery and/or other high crimes.

Is two-thirds greater than 0.78?

No, two-thirds is equal to 0.6 recurring (or 0.6666) - the difference between the two is 17/150, or seventeen one-hundred and fiftieths.

What can Congress override the president?

with a two thirds majority vote