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The difference between silent film and sound film is because that silent film has no sound whatsoever and a sound film has sounds in it

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Q: What is the difference between silent film and sound film?
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What Is The Silent Movie?

Recently I come across a film on YouTube. Surprisingly it is silent movie. The movie with no dialogue and no background score. The film name is No Sound (2023). Only one actor in the film. He is Vikas Chandra Pediredla who wrote the story, photographe, edited and directed.

How silent films made?

In the same way as any other film, but with no sound.

Who is Norma Desmond?

Norma Desmond is a fictional character in the film Sunset Boulevard directed by Billy Wilder. Desmond is an aging silent film star who has watched her career fade away with the advent of "talkies", films with sound, and is slowly loosing her mind. The character of the silent film star Norma Desmond was played by real life silent film star Gloria Swanson.

What does the term 'talkies' mean?

A film with spoken dialogue as opposed to a silent film where the dialogue is on a card to be read.

Were Felix the Cat cartoons silent?

Felix the Cat is a cartoon character created in the silent film era and so the first ones were , of course without sound , and the later ones were accompanied with a sound track .

How do you say a silent film in french?

a silent film is 'un film muet' in French.

Were silent films out in the 1930s?

Yes, but they were giving way to 'talkies'. Charles Chaplin made his last silent film, "Modern Times" in 1936. By then most films had sound.

What is difference between thick and thin film resistor?

Difference between thick and thin film resistor is not related to thickness but its based on how the film is applied to the surface.

When was Silent Cry - film - created?

Silent Cry - film - was created in 2002.

When was Silent Storm - film - created?

Silent Storm - film - was created in 2003.

When was A Silent Film - band - created?

A Silent Film - band - was created in 2005.

When was The Silent Enemy - film - created?

The Silent Enemy - film - was created in 1958.