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The main difference between semi-permanent and permanent eyelash extensions is the length of time they will last. Semi-permanent eyelashes will not last as long as permanent eyelash extensions.

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2013-07-25 22:04:00
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Q: What is the difference between semi-permanent eyelashes and permanent eyelash extensions?
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Is there permanent eyelash extensions?

Eyelashes are one of the most expressive parts of a woman and longer and thicker eyelashes draw people's attention towards you. And yes, there is permanent eyelash extensions in various curves and colors.

What is the best method for applying hair extensions?

It depends on each person's specific needs. The hair extensions can be attached in Permanent, Semi-Permanent or Temporary ways. The major methods of extensions are Clip-in hair extensions, Sewn in hair extensions, Micro bead extensions, tape in and fusion hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are by far the most popular and are temporary. The other methods are semi-permanent hair extension methods. The link below explains these methods clearly.

Can you use semi-permanent dye on top of permanent dye?

It is not recommended to use semi-permanent dyes for your eyelashes. Semi-permanent dyes are usually formulated for use on the hair, such as the scalp, eyebrows or beard, but they are generally not intended for use on the eyelashes. The skin around the eyes is sensitive, and using hair dyes near the eyes can pose risks. The eye area is very sensitive, and there is a risk of the dye getting into the eyes, which can cause irritation, redness, or even damage to the eyes. In addition, the chemicals used in hair dyes may not be safe for use on the eyelashes and may cause adverse reactions or allergies. If you want to enhance the color of your eyelashes, it's safer to look for other options, such as mascara, eyelash tints specifically designed for use on eyelashes, or professional eyelash extensions performed by trained technicians. These options are designed for use on lashes and are generally safer for the delicate eye area.

Can you apply permanent hair dye over semipermanent hair dye?

Yes, but within a months time, when you put semi permanent in you have to let it settle into your hair. If you put the permanent on right after the semi permanent it will kill your hair and make it fall out. So, let it set for a month and THEN put the permanent on. I hope I helped :)

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Where can I get good clip hair extensions?

Visit for details on clip hair extensions. You can purchase them from that site. Price will determine whether they are as good as permanent ones.

Are sew-in hair extensions good?

If you use quality hair, yes, & if they're applied & maintained well, they're great & a little more "permanent" than clip-in extensions.

How do you remove hair dye from your hair?

Depending on the number of the dye, it may be semipermanent, a rinse, or permanent. Read the box to find out which one it is. For all but permanent, over time, shampooing will remove the dye. If the color is a disaster, go to a professional colorist who can help correct the color to something you can live with.

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Average cost of hair extensions?

Clip In Hair ExtensionsSalon Cost: $180 US Online Store: $90 USLoop Extensions (these are permanent extensions that can be applied easily at home with the help of a friend)Salon Cost: $600 USOnline Store: $140 US

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