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friction matches can catch on fire like rapid fire and safety matches are more safe and secure

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Q: What is the difference between safety matches and friction matches?
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What did people use before safety matches?

friction fires

What is difference between 'essential to safety' and 'essential for safety'?

There is no essential difference between the meanings of the phrases "essential to safety" and "essential for safety."

What is the difference between factor of safety and safety factor?

There is no difference between "factor of safety" and "safety factor." They are two ways of saying the same thing.

What is the difference between a safety audit and a safety insepction?

In may cases there is no difference between a Safety Audit and a Safety Inspection. Where there is one, it is because a particular company has specified that.

Why are safety matches safe?

Safety matches are not exactly safe but are "Safer" that standard matches as they will not light in unforseen situations such as in your pocket.

What is the top of a match made of?

There are two different types of matches that can be distinguished by the different match heads. With both types, the main part of a match is wood or a type of cardboard-ish paper. The wood is commonly composed of white pine or Aspen due to rigidness and workability.Safety Matches:These matches are designed so they will only combust when struck against the right type of surface. The match heads are composed of sulfur (this is what you smell) mixed with oxidizing agents like potassium chlorate, colorants (dyes), fillers, glue (binders), starch, and powdered glass. The glass in the match creates friction with the glass in the safety paper which ignites the head and then burns the wood.Friction Matches:These matches are designed so they can ignite on any surface that will produce sufficient friction. They are composed of many of the same chemicals that are in safety matches, but friction matches also contain antimony (II) sulfide, which causes the fire to burn more vigorously. Friction matches don't have the glass present in safety matches, so they can be struck on any surface.

What are the difference between buffer stock and safety stock?

no difference

Is there a difference between safety officer and safety advisor?

Safeto officer polices safety advisor advisors on safety

What is the difference between a Material Safety Data Sheet and a Chemical Safety Data Sheet?

There may be no difference between a Material Safety Data Sheet and a Chemical Safety Data Sheet, except the title. Whether there is a difference depends on who compiled the document and what purpose they had in mind.

What is the future of safety matches?

It will be Safe

What are safety matches?

matches u need to use a special striker to light them

What was a difference between the directory and the committee of safety?

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