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Resistors are ohmic and fixed whereas metrosils are non ohmic and variable - version of a varistor.

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Q: What is the difference between resistor and metrosil?
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What is metrosil?

Metrosil is a non linear resistor and used with high impedance differential protection.During an internal fault ,the voltage developed across the relay can be very high and the metrosil limits the voltage across the relay ,thus protecting the relay and the wiring from any damage

Difference between variable resistor and rheostat?

The difference between a variable resistor and a rheostat is the same as the difference between six and half a dozen.

What the difference between Transistor and resistor?

The difference between a Transistor and a Resistor is that a transistor is designed to amplify the electrical current, whereas a Resistor is designed to reduce the electrical current.

What is difference between thick and thin film resistor?

Difference between thick and thin film resistor is not related to thickness but its based on how the film is applied to the surface.

What is the difference between a nkg dpr8ea9 and the dp8ea9?

dpr8ea9 is a resistor plug dp8ean is non resistor.

What is the difference between an ohmic resistor and a non-ohmic resistor?

A non-ohmic resistor doesn't have a constant resistance. A ohmic resistor has a constant resistance.

What is the difference between a fixed resistor and a variable resistor?

its the colour of the fixed and the variable we define it by its power and name

What is the difference between RDJ7y and DJ7Y spark plugs and what does the R stand for?

the R stands for Resistor. It is a resistor plug.

What is difference between EDS and ERS?

eds is power and ers is resistor.

What is the difference between a 199 Volkswagen Jetta Blower Motor and the Blower Motor Resistor?

Resistor is a separate unit from the blower motor

What is the difference between an insulator and a resistor?

A resistor is a material that attenuates the current through a conductor. An insulator isolates the conductor from the surrounding material.

Difference between variable and fixed resistor?

Variable resistors means that a resistor which can change its resistance by control by any person or it self and fixed resistor means that it can not change its value.

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