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can not be used with each other

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Q: What is the difference between r22 and r22a?
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Substitute for r22?


Can you replace r22 with r22a?

Not without conversion.

Can you replace r22 refrigerant with r22a refrigerant?


Can you replace r22 with r22a freon?

Not without conversion.

Can you top off r22 with r22a?

No the whole system need to be evacuated of the r22 before you put r22a in the system. It's against the law to mix 2 different freons together and also dangerous.

What is the difference between f22 and r22 freon?

The name.

What is required to convert from R22 to R22a?

i would do a triple evac and install a r22a alrarm becuse it is very flamable thats why i dont want to use it if you have leak in your a-h and you activate your electric heat strip you have a fire probaly a better app is for refridartion no heat source

Can you mix R22 and R22a?

In the USA it is unlawful to mix R22 (chlorodifluoromethane) with R22a aka R290 (propane, aka liquiefied petroleum gas) (propane). While the two are not incompatible working fluids mixing them is a bad idea even where it is not unlawful. R290 is a known refrigerant with many excellent properties and one major drawback - flammability. As a practical matter, R22 was created because early air conditioners using ammonia, propane, and other toxic or flammable materials were dangerous when they failed, and air conditioning was not accepted as safe for the home. Propane has not become any less flammable since that time. In the event of a rapid loss of refrigerant (e.g. compressor terminal blowout) an electrical spark (from the live wire on the terminal blown out) may ignite it. In such an event any R22 also present would decompose into highly toxic fumes greatly increasing the risk of accidental death. As a further caution to tinkerers, commonly available LPG propane (but not R22a or R290) has a sulfer compound "mercaptin" added for leak detection that would have an undesirable effect on the lubrication oil in a sealed system.

Can you replace R-22 freon with a different freon in a central air unit?

Envirosafe sells R22a, a propane based freon that they claim is compatible with R22 systems, but to add this to your system legally you have to first have your system evacuated of reg. freon 22 by a recovery sytem, it is against federal law to release it into the atmosphere as well as mixing different types of freon. The good news is that it costs less than R22, they claim it is more efficient than R22 and you don't need a license to buy it. Although you seem to know what you are talking about just one question what is the difference in reg. FREON and R-22?

Can you buy r22 freon from walmart?

Wal-Mart do not have r22 freon, this is a false ad.

What type of refrigerant is used in a ac?

R134A, R22A, R404A, R410A and many more

Can you mix R22 with R404A?