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1: Novice/ Beginner/ Just Aware

2: Capable with Assistance

3: Competent: Able to apply a skill to a task/ job

4: Proficient: Has developed specialized skills/ movements, has advanced skills used in multiple jobs.

5: Expert

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Q: What is the difference between proficiency and competence on the language?
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What s difference between types of proficiency test?

different types of proficiency

What is the difference between diagnostic test and proficiency test?

what is the difference between proffiency and diagnostic test

What is the difference between proficiency test and diagnostic test?

what is the difference between proffiency and diagnostic test

What is grammatical competence?

Grammatical competence is the ability1. to recognize and produce the distinctive grammatical structures of a language and to use them effectively in communication.2. to use the forms of the language (sounds, words, and sentence structure).DiscussionGrammatical competence as defined by Noam Chomsky would include phonological competence. Grammatical competence is the primary focus of study in most academic language courses. Most scholars agree that there is some kind of fundamental difference between being able to use the forms of the language and being able to talk about the forms of the language: the relationship between those two kinds of knowledge is a controversial topic!

What is the difference between linguistic competence and communicative competence?

We ca say that linguistic competence deals with the language structure, e.g. grammar, syntax ... etc. Whereas communicative competence is the knowledge of communication. It depends on linguistic cometence. The later focus on fluency rather than accuracy. Best Wishes Nawraa. From: Sultanate of Oman

What is the difference between competence and intelligence?

Competence is the ability to do something successfully or efficiently. Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

What is difference between competence and performance?

There is no difference at all in meaning, however "competence" is the most often used, as many are unfamiliar with the noun "competency" and sometimes consider it an incorrect form of the word.


what is the difference between speech,language and communication??There is a huge difference between language and communication

What is the difference between competency and capacity?

Competence would be a ratio, Capacity is max amount, volume, etc..

What is the relationship between first language proficiency and second language proficiency?

It is that studying a second language involves acquiring a clear understanding of the forms and mechanics of one's native language that many native speakers do not have. For example, people who have had to learn how to form a conditional clause in a foreign language will never say "If I would have known.... " instead of the correct " If I had known..."

What is the difference between language and culture?

The difference between language and culture is language is a way to communicate, and culture is the beliefs, customs, and practices of a society.

What is the differences between competence and performance?

Chomsky separates competence and performance; he describes 'competence' as an idealized capacity that is located as a psychological or mental property or function and 'performance' as the production of actual utterances. In short, competence involves "knowing" the language and performance involves "doing" something with the language. The difficulty with this construct is that it is very difficult to assess competence without assessing performance. Inforfation Accessed from:

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