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dont know haha :P

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Auto correlation and cross correlation

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Q: What is the difference between primitive flow table and state transition table?
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What is difference between finite state automaton and transition graph?

finite automata

What term refers to the difference between the energy of the transition state and the energy of the reactants?

activation energy

What is the difference about vaporization and sublimation?

Vaporization is the transition from a liquid state to a gas state. Sublimation is the transition directly from a solid state to a gas state.

What is the state between a solid and a liquid?

The transition state

How can the number of valence electrons help to predict the likely oxidation state?

The oxidation state is the difference between 8 and the number of valnce electrons, excepting transition metals.

What is the difference between transaction and event?

in transition the states are changed from one state to another but in event the signals are changed or trigered with respect to that signal.

What do wavelengths of light that an atom emits tells us about the atom?

the energy difference between the electron's state before and after the transition that produced the light

What is the difference between abzyme and enzyme?

enzyme is a kind of protein that catalyzes specific reactions & abzymes are antibodies that target the transition state of an expected reaction.

Why do transition metals have more oxidation state than other elements?

Because in transition elements the energy difference between 's' and 'd' orbital is very small, therefore electrons from both orbitals can participate in bond formation.

What is the difference between action and state?

what is the difference between action verds and state verbs ?

What is the difference between Common Wealth vs State?

What is the difference between a common wealth and a state?

What is difference between central university and state university?

difference between central and state university

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