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Wood preservative is a chemical that will soak a good way into the wood surface and will have bacterial and fungicidal properties. It may also contain UV inhibitors and may be water repellent. The purpose of a wood preservative is to stop exposed wood form rotting.

A wood primer is a chemical that is applied to the surface of the wood and is intended to adhere well to the wood surface on one side and any undercoat paint applied on top. Sometimes the primer contains components designed to fill the grain of the wood so that when sanded down a smooth finish is obtained (sometimes these grain fillers are used before the primer). The purpose of a primer is to ensure that the paint coat does not peel off painted wood.

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Q: What is the difference between preservative and primer to wood?
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Can you paint over preserva wood?

Yes you can. There are many types of wood preservative but once they are thoroughly dry, the wood can be painted. You should read the instructions on the label of the preservative to see if there is any specific reference or recommendations in this regard. If not, I would recommend an oil based primer prior to painting. An oil based primer will help ensure a good bond and isolate the finish paint from the chemicals in the preservative which might leach into the finish coat and discolor it or chemically degrade it. Water based primers are probably ok too, but , you should look for a claim of stain sealing ability on the primer label if using a water based primer.

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Do you need special tools for repairing your wood fence?

Most of the repairs made to wood fences will not require special tools. If you have a hammer, nails, saw, bolts, T-braces and a means of checking the level, plus preservative and primer which may be required for the repair, that should be enough.

Can you burn pressure treated wood in the fireplace?

Wood treated with water-borne preservatives must not be burned because combustion breaks the unique bond formed between the preservative solution and the wood. When this bond is destroyed, the components of the preservative can be released in the form of ash and particulates, which can be harmful if inhaled. It is completely proper and legal to send treated wood to a landfill.

Is used motor oil a good wood preservative for old fence posts?

Used motor oil is a good wood preservative for old fence posts since it prevents termites from spoiling the wood.

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Why wood treated?

Wood, which is subject to moisture in a garden, for instance, must be regularly treated with a preservative to prevent the wood rotting.

Can you use metal primer on wood?

Its called metal primer..specifically for metal...lets keep it that way.