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  • Uncompetitive sports
  • Intrinsic
  • Extrinsic


  • Rock Climbing, Absailing etc.
  • Benifits: risk factors, natural environment, experience, exiting, challenging
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Sports are, by their nature, competitive. You are trying to win a game of some kind. Recreation includes sports but also includes other things that are not competitive. If you enjoy going for a walk, that is a sort of low-key active recreation that is not competitive (competitive walking also exists, and if you wanted to you could find out exactly how fast you can walk, but some people just like to walk). You can become an observer of nature (birds, plants, the night sky, all sorts of things can be observed) and this is active to the extent that you have to travel to find more things to observe. Swimming can be done competitively, or just for fun.

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A play is when you freely move your body with no Instruction or moving it with feeling accroding to the character asked (if it's pointing to drama play).If Physical education is to improve physical condition and moving your body to the steps instructed.

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Q: What is the difference between physical recreation and outdoor recreation?
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