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personal prayer is a prayer between you and whom ever you are praying to and communal prayer is a prayer that is prayed with a group of people

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Personal prayer is done in silence while communal prayers can be done in a group of people which involve praise and a preacher.

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Q: What is the difference between personal and communal prayers?
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What describes prayers said with others?


Could know the relationship and the difference between suplicatiion and prayers?

Supplication is when you ask God for something that you need and prayers is when you pray for everybody in need.

How long does a minyan last?

A minyan is a quorum of at least 10 male Jews at or over the age of 13. It's the minimum-size group required in order to conduct a communal prayer service. With fewer than 10, the prayers are considered individual and private, and the communal elements of a service aren't included, such as reading the Torah and reciting the mourners' Kaddish. Answer: A minyan (communal prayers) for weekday shacharit (morning prayers) will typically last about 30 to 50 minutes.

Is prayer aloud at school?

In some schools prayers are spoken aloud. In some schools prayers are allowed, in others they are not. You need to understand the difference between aloud and allowed.

What is the main difference between prayers in Roman Catholic and Anglican churches and those in nonconformist churches?

The main difference between prayers in Roman Catholic and Anglican churches, and those in nonconformist churches is that they are far less rigid and structured in the nonconformist churches. The prayers in both Roman Catholic and Anglican churches tend to follow specific structures and guidelines.

What was the local house of prayer for the Jews?

Was? Since the time of the Babylonian exile, up to the present, Jews have congregated for communal prayers in synagogues.

What does minyanah mean?

A minyanah is a Jewish prayer gathering consisting of at least ten Jewish adults. It is required for certain communal prayers and rituals in Jewish tradition.

What is a set of prayers?

A set of prayers is a collection of prayers that are used together in a specific order or for a particular purpose. It can include prayers from various religious traditions or be specific to a particular faith. Sets of prayers are often used for rituals, ceremonies, or personal reflection.

What do Jews do on sabbath day?

Communal prayers Festive meals Time with the family Relaxing, reading, taking walks, playing Anything not involving the prohibited forms of work

What are some of the diverse roles of the synagogue today?

There are diverse roles of the synagogue today. This is used as a place for communal prayers, singing of the Torah and a place where teaching is done by Rabbis.

What is the Muslims house of worship called?

A Muslim house of worship is called a mosque. It is a place where Muslims gather for communal prayers, worship, and other religious activities.

What is the difference between public and private prayers?

Public is were there is more people saying a prayer together. Private is just one person quietly in their own.