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A Pentathlon has 5 event and a Heptathlon has 8 events :)

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Q: What is the difference between pentathlon and heptathlon?
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The pentathlon was added during which olympiad?

Men competed in pentathlon beginning at the 1912 Games in Stockholm for 3 Olympic Games. Men's pentathlon was dropped after the 1924 Games. Women competed in pentathlon beginning at the 1964 Games in Tokyo for 5 Olympic Games. Starting in 1984 women began competing in heptathlon.

Which athletics Jessica Ennis does belong to?

No -- she's competed in heptathlon and pentathlon, but not decathlon. See related links, below, for more information.

What is the difference between Heptathlon and Decathlon?

Heptathlon includes seven events and only women compete. Decathlon is the male version.

How many medals has jess ennis won in 2012?

One Gold Medal for the Heptathlon at the Olympics and One Silver Medal in 2012 World Indoor Championships Istanbul for the Pentathlon

Is heptathlon for women only and is decathlon for men?

At the Olympic level yes but technically no. Women do compete in the Decathlon but not (yet) in the Olympics. With an age grading factor included, the highest point total ever is by masters athlete Nadine O'Connor. And indoors the men compete in a different heptathlon. I suggest these are evolving situations as it has taken decades to reach acceptance (into world championship and Olympic level events), but women outdoors and men indoors have advanced from pentathlon to heptathlon and continue to test further bounds. There is even an icosathlon (double decathlon).

Why no men in heptathlon?

Men compete in decathlon, women compete in heptathlon. Men do not compete in heptathlon, women do not compete in decathlon.

What part of speech is pentathlon?

Pentathlon is a noun.

What is an athletic contest of five events?

penathlon - consists of 110m hurdles, Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put and 200m

How do you say pentathlon in French?

Le pentathlon (masc.)

What is modern pentathlon in French?

"le pentathlon moderne"

How many sides in a heptathlon?

A heptathlon is a sport, not a shape. It consists of 7 different activities.

How do you say modern pentathlon in French?

'le pentathlon moderne'