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Parenthood is a state of being and becoming a parent and asuming the asociated responsibilities. Parenting is the act of performing the roles and responsibilities of a parent. Parenting may be performed by people who are nt parents themseves.

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Q: What is the difference between parenting and parenthood?
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What is the difference between parenting nad parenthood?

For general use there is very little difference, the term parenting has become the more favoured word. Parenting means the rearing of children, the methods and techniques used by a father or mother, a protector or guardian. Parenthood, is or was, more informal, refering to a person acting as a father or mother or relating to the position of a parent to the children

What is the difference between proximal and distal parenting?

The difference between proximal and distal parenting is physical closeness. Proximal parenting is having physical closeness with your child, while distal parenting involves keeping a bit of distance.

What is parent in abstract nouns?

The abstract noun forms of the noun parent are parenthood and the gerund, parenting.

What has the author Dana Mack written?

Dana Mack has written: 'The assault on parenthood' -- subject(s): Social values, Parenting, Social conditions, Families, Moral conditions 'The assault on parenthood' -- subject(s): Social values, Parenting, Social conditions, Family, Moral conditions

Is there a difference between doctor prescribed birth control pills and the kind you might get from Planned Parenthood?

Absolutely no difference. The only difference may be price.

Differentiate between proximal and distal parenting?

proximal parenting

Should pregnant couples receive parenting lessons?

No, you learn all you need to know about parenthood from your own parents as you grow up.

What to do when parenting styles differ?

Parenting styles differ depending with the cultural difference religion and personality.

Where are good diaper stories located?

Good diaper stories can often be found on parenting forums, online parenting communities, social media groups dedicated to parenting, as well as on blogs and websites that focus on parenthood and child care. Look for forums or websites that specifically cater to discussing topics related to diapers and diapering.

What has the author Robin MacKellar written?

Robin MacKellar has written: 'The challenge of parenthood' -- subject(s): Child rearing, Children, Christianity, Family, Parenting, Prayer, Religious aspects, Religious aspects of Child rearing, Religious aspects of Parenting, Religious life

What is the difference between kindness and caring?

In parenting kindness and caring are important. In people in general being kind and caring describes a whole lot about the person.

What has the author Eileen Hause Spillett written?

Eileen Hause Spillett has written: 'Selected topics in parenthood education' -- subject(s): Family life education, Study and teaching, Parenting