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i dont no

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Q: What is the difference between paparazzi and paparazzo's?
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What is the difference between photography and paparazzi?

Paparazzi are photo journalists who document celebrities and whatnot with pictures. Photography is a number of things - it could be abstract, conceptual, still life, nature photography, people & portraits, used for advertisement, etc. Photography is quite endless in possibilities while paparazzi are limited to more of a journalistic kind of nature.

What is the difference between the press and paparazzi?

The press refers to professional journalists and news organizations that report and provide information on current events. Paparazzi, on the other hand, are freelance photographers who pursue celebrities to take intrusive or candid photographs for profit. While the press adheres to journalistic ethics and standards, paparazzi are often associated with aggressive and invasive tactics.

Is paparazzi real?

yes paparazzi is real

What was the Production Budget for Paparazzi?

The Production Budget for Paparazzi was $20,000,000.

When was Paparazzi released?

Paparazzi was released on 09/03/2004.

What is Lady Gaga paparazzi based on?

It is based on a bunch of paparazzi.

When was Paparazzi Lightning created?

Paparazzi Lightning was created in 2006.

What do you call the press that follows people?

They are often called Paparazzi.

When did Paparazzi - video game - happen?

Paparazzi - video game - happened in 2004.

How much money did Paparazzi gross worldwide?

Paparazzi grossed $16,612,072 worldwide.

What rhymes with paparazzi?

How about Yahtzee (boardgame) or Nazi? I think they both rhyme with paparazzi.

What laws protect the royal family in England from the paparazzi?

The Paparazzi Reform Initiative helps protect the royal family from having their privacy violated by the paparazzi. They work to pass laws against people buying the photos from the paparazzi at all.