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The answer of pi=57.38475734

Is an irrational number due to the sub atomic nature of the particles inside the nucleus.

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Q: What is the difference between news group and irc?
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When to use IRC?

When you want to chat directly with an individual or group in "real time"

What is full form of IRC in computer?

IRC is internet relay chart..... used for communication between 2 or more and also for data transfer

What is an example of irc?

An example of IRC? lol.... IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. I guess an IRC channel?

What is irc chat?

IRC is a form of real-time internet chat. It is designed for group chat in disscussion forums called channels. It also allows one-to-one communication, so called private message (pvt).

What IRC network does Cartoon-World have their IRC channel on?


What is the difference between blockland and return to blockland?

Blockland is a game developed by Eric Hartman. Return to Blockland is a third party mod for Blockland that includes a Mod Manager, a IRC Client and many other features.

Full form of IRC Rules?

IRC rules depend on the particular network and channel that the irc is on, in general, anything illegal is against the rules.

When was Quassel IRC created?

Quassel IRC was created on 2008-08-27.

Is there a IRC chat server in every website?

No, websites have IRC channels by choice.

Where is a good place for Pokemon forums?

Serebii have forums for trading, battling, news, and pretty much anything Poke-related, plus an IRC chat room.

What does IRC mean in answers?

IRC means Internet Relay Chat.Various IRC clients exist, the most popular being Mibbit, mIRC, and ChatZilla.

IN computing what does IRC stand for?

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, a system of real time chat created in 1988 it means IRC> OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by someone