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  • hypermedia involves linking various media.
  • Has hypertext
  • Intelligent feed back.
  • Similarities with Eliza program.


  • Multimedia tends to feature several media types
  • It is used to encompass the non-linear organization of text
  • Language-learning program
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multimedia is media & content that uses a combination of different content forms

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Q: What is the difference between multimedia and hypermedia?
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Difference between multimedia and interactive multimedia?

discuss the differences among multimedia, interactive multimedia, hypertext and hypermedia

Difference between multimedia and hypermedia?

Multimedia is based on two key concepts; integration and interactivity while hypermedia is based on a relational database organisation

What is the relation between multimedia hypertext and hypermedia?

Hypermedia is an enhancement of Hypertext. Multimedia is combination of both these

What is the diffenrence between hyper multimedia to multimedia?

1. Define the common term in multimedia such as multimedia, interactive multimedia and hypermedia.

What is the difference betweeen hypertext and hypermedia?

The difference between hypertext and hypermedia is that hypertext is a subset of hypermedia. Hypertext is the electronic text format while hypermedia pertains to the audio, text, graphics, and video interconnected using hyperlinks.

What is the name given to the navigational media elements in multimedia?


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difference between hypermedia and linearmedia

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Differentiate between hypermedia and linear media.

What is the difference between desktop multimedia keyboard and normal key board?

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Characteristics of hypermedia?

a description of what hypermedia is and what information the hypermedia has.

What points to the location of which the hypermedia is stored and to the hypermedia itself?

The hyperlink is what points to the location of which the hypermedia is stored and to the hypermedia itself

What is the difference between multimedia and multimedia system?

Since Multimedia technology and multimedia system are complementary part of each other ,so the difference between them is not so crucial. But one can pinpoint following differences: 1. Multimedia technology is computer based interactive applications having multiple media elements such as audio,video,text,image etc whereas multimedia system is the system that processes multimedia data and applications. 2. Multimedia system implements multimedia technologies and in turn it is used for enhancing multimedia technology whereas multimedia technology manages both the hardware and software to create and run multimedia system

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