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There is no difference between the term "motor ship" and the term "motor vessel." The two are commonly used interchangeably.

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Q: What is the difference between motor ship and motor vessel?
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What is the different between ship and a vessel?

a vessel is transported on a ship

What is the difference between vessel and voyage?

If your question is related to when you send something in a container vessel and the shipping company gives you a vessel/voyage reference, then Vessel is the name of the ship and voyage is the reference for this specific travel

What is the Difference between boat ship and ferry?

The ship and the ferry could both be called boats these days.But generally a boat would be a smaller vessel than the ship or ferry.The difference between the ship and the ferry is that the ferry runs a regular service and travels shorter distances.

What does the ''MS'' stand for in ship names?

Motor Ship (nautical vessel designation; also see SS for steam ship)

What does 'SS' stand for in 'SS US'?

SS = Steam Ship, HMS = His Majesties Ship, RMS = Royal Mail Ship, MV = Motor Vessel, RV = Research Vessel, NS = Nuclear Ship

Are Cruise Ships Steam Ship or Motor Vessel?

They use diesel engines.

What does SS on a ship mean?

The term "S.S." in the name of a ship stands for "Steam Ship", if it is a surface vessel - in the Navy, "SS" stands for Submersible Ship, or submarine. All vessels have some type of prefix designator to denote the type of ship it is. For example, M/V or MV stands for Motor Vessel, SV stands for Sailing Vessel, etc.

What is differencies between warship and ship?

A warship is a ship for fighting. A ship is any self-propelled floating vessel.

What is a ship or a vessel?


What does SS on a ship stand for?

SS is short for Steam Ship and used on civilian ships. NS would be Nuclear Ship and there was at least one civilian nuclear powered vessel. USS is a prefix designation for a military ships that stand for "United States Ship". HMS is a prefix designation for a British ships that stand for "His(Her) Majesty's Ship". Other ship designations you may see are 'MS' which stands for 'Motor Ship' and 'M/V' which stands for 'Motor Vessel'.

What does MS stand for on cruise ships?

Actually, M/S stands for "motor ship", M/V stands for "motor vessel" and S/S means "steam ship". The Latter response is correct RMS on British ships refers to Royal Mail Ship. MS = Motor ship. SS = Steam Ship. In naval (military) usage USS is "United States Ship"; HMS is "Her (His) Majesty's Ship" etc.

What is the difference between ship and vessel?

A boat has only one deck or "level". A yacht has 2 decks and a ship has 4 or more.AnswerThere is no difference between a ship and a boat, except for semantics. That is, what we call a ship and what we call a boat are completely culturally-based, and have no real objective criteria. In general, boats are smaller than ships, but, even there, there are exceptions (e.g. 10,000 ton submarines are referred to as "boats" in most English-speaking navies). Ships almost always have a minimum of one enclosed desk, but there are many boats which have one or more enclosed desks, too. It's a matter of tradition as to what watercraft is labeled which, and it makes no sense to try to figure it out.