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There are slight differences between a mixer and agitator. A mixer has large paddles that thoroughly mix the contents, while an agitator just shakes the contents of the hopper back and forth for less thorough combining.

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Q: What is the difference between mixer and agitator?
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What is the difference between agitator and homogenizer?

agitator is a stirring machine, a homogenizer is a device that breaks structure in order to make a homogenious solution

What is the difference between dough mixer and dough kneader?

a dough mixer combines the ingredients. a dough kneader kneads the dough, preparing it for baking

What is the difference between a good mixer board and a OK mixer board?

Features, realiability and build quality. Pricetag is usually a good hint.

What is difference between self excited mixer and separately excited mixer?

location of local oscillatorself - oscillator is integral to mixerseparate - oscillator is a physically separate stage

What is the difference between a live mixer and a recording mixer?

A live mixer and a recording mixer are practically the same under small budgets, a live mixers role is to take all the mics and mix them down to a speaker mix with effect sends etc, a recording mixer has to have as many outputs as inputs, for example you want to be able to chance a channel and record it seperatly so you can mix them down. there is not much difference really.

Relation between vessel volume or capacity and agitator motor if agitator size remains unchanged?

It will not mixedhomogeneously&the motor will be effected or failed

What is the difference between an agitator and an impeller in a washing machine?

Top-loaders have two options for swirling the load: an agitator (central spindle), or an impeller (a small bump at the bottom of the bowl). Impellers spin and pulse to turn the washing over, rather than twisting it. Washing machines with impellers tend to be easier to load and unload, but their dirt removal isn't always as good as agitator models.

Was Thomas Paine an heroic agitator or a crude traitor?


What is an agitator and how is it used?

An agitator is a device or mechanism to put something into motion by shaking or stirring. There are several different types of agitators, such as manual, a washing machine agitator, and a magnetic agitator.

What is the difference of a front loader to a top loader washing machine?

If u get a top load washer without the agitator like a whirlpool cabrio high efficiency the only difference is about $400. If you are talking about the traditional washer the washer fills up and the agitator cleans the clothes. With the front load and top load HE models they use way less water and friction cleans the clothes.

How do you remove the cam agitator on whirlpool washer?

From: Remove Dispenser or Cap: Some models of washing machines utilize a fabric softener dispenser that resides on top of the agitator. This dispenser simply snaps onto the top of the agitator. Other styles utilize a decorative cap. To remove the dispenser, simply grab it and firmly pull up. To remove the agitator cap, insert a small flat-head screw driver into the seam between the agitator cap and the upper agitator (mover). Use a twisting or prying action to pop the cap off of the agitator. Remove Internal Debris Cap: Inside the agitator you will see a cap with a raised handle, much like that of your automobile. Simply reach into the agitator and twist the cap while pulling up. This will remove the cap and its o-ring. Remove Agitator Stud: When looking into the agitator assembly, you will notice a single nut in the center of the agitator. Use a socket kit or nut driver to remove this bolt (agitator stud). Remove the Upper Agitator (Mover): With the bolt removed you should be able to remove the upper half of the agitator (mover) by simply pulling up. Sometimes pulling up will actually remove the whole agitator assembly. If this happens, place the Lower Agitator on the floor and stand on the flat lip. Then Pull up to separate the Upper Agitator (mover) from the Lower Agitator. Remove the Cam and Clutch Dogs: When you remove the upper agitator (mover) it contains the cam and clutch dogs. Tun the assembly upside down. The cam and dogs should then come out.

How do I Remove a Agitator Assembly?

Commonly there is a cap on the top of the agitator which, when removed, reveals a nut or clip that secures the agitator to the drive shaft.