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The basic difference between Venetian blinds and Mini blinds is their width, since Venetians slats are usually two to three inches wide, while Mini blinds slats are narrower and usually about one half to one inch wide. This is the difference between Venetian blinds and Mini blinds from which all others differences derive from. Shop for Venetian Blinds at

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Q: What is the difference between mini blinds and vertical blinds?
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Mini Blinds?

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Who makes black window treatments? sells black mini blinds and black vertical blinds. JCPenney carries black curtains.

Blinds Cleaning?

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Why are miniblinds called mini-blinds?

Mini blinds are a type of horizontal window blinds that are made of long, narrow slats that are held together by a piece of string. The reason why the term mini-blinds are called mini blinds is not stated, but it is stated that they were invented in the 1840s.

Where can one find mini wood blinds?

Finding mini wood blinds is not a very challenging thing to do at all. In order to find mini wood blinds, one can visit the Just Blinds website or the Select Blinds website.

Vinyl Blinds?

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Do I have to worry about sun exposure on vinyl mini-blinds?

Most vinyl mini blinds are uv resistant and take years to fade.

Are wood mini-blinds washable by consumers, or do you have to have professionals do it?

You can easily wash mini blinds, all oyu need is dishsoap, a bucket and a rag.

Who invented the mini blind?

It is not known exactly who invented the mini blind but they became very popular in the 1970's. Other types of popular window blinds include wood blinds and Venetian blinds.

What are the different sizes of slats available for aluminum mini blinds?

Aluminum mini blinds are most commonly available in 1/2" and 1" sized slats.

What types of blinds can be purchased from Blinds Online?

Blinds Online has many different styles of blinds. They have vinyl mini blinds, wood and faux wood styles. They also carry Roman shades. One can purchase blinds for indoors and outdoors.

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