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Mewing often refers to a high pitched sound a kitten makes. Meowing is a characteristic noise that an adult cat makes

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Q: What is the difference between meowing and mewing?
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Dogs woof but we call it bark cats meow what do you call it?

it's still called meowing or mewing if they are kittens.

Why do cats get larangitus?

Probably from meowing too much, mainly when its cold. My cat Tigger lost his voice after my cat Uno died and he didn't know what happened to her so he kept mewing for her and then he lost his voice for awhile, about two weeks.

When was Mewing Kingfisher created?

Mewing Kingfisher was created in 1974.

How do you keep a cat from meowing?

There is no known way to keep a cat from meowing. Meowing is a cat's only natural way of communicating.

Why do kitties stop meowing?

they never stop meowing!:) they will for there whole life(:

Three words for cats ending with ing?

Mewing It's like a meow...but generally done by kittens or young adult cats.

What is the meowing primate?


What makes more noise than a cat meowing outside your window?

Seven cats meowing outside your window.

What is anather word for purring?


What are the symptoms if a cat is bitten?

meowing alot

What is meowing in French?

it means "miaulement" in French

What does the meowing night frog eat?