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measuring cups are used for measuring different liquids and mixing cups are for when you have some liquids that need to get mixed you mix them in it.

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Q: What is the difference between measuring and mixing cups?
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What is Pyrexes used for?

Pyrex bakeware, mixing bowls, measuring cups etc

What is kitchen measuring equipment?

KITCHEN MEASURING EQUIPMENTSliquid measuring cups,dry measuring cups,measuring spoons,kitchen scales,measuring beakers,thermometers,timers,measuring cylinders,portioning scoops,mixing bowls,... etc ...P.S, i don't know what kind of measuring equipments you are looking for

What is the difference between ounces and liters?

ounces is of measuring and liters is of filling stuff like vases and cups and gallons and quarts

What equipment do you need to make a cupcake?

Cupcake Liner Cupcake pan Oven Baking Mixer Mixing bowl Measuring cups

What is dry measuring cups?

Cups for measuring dry goods in.

What type of measuring cups is used for measuring dry ingredients?

measuring cups for ingredients

What company provides quality glass measuring cups?

According to reviews Pyrex provides good quality glass measuring cups. These come in a range of sizes including 1-cup measuring cups, 2-cup measuring cups, 4-cup measuring cups and 8 cup measuring cups.

What is the difference between 8 fluid ounces and 1 cup?

8 ounces are equal to a 1 cup, but when measuring we use ounces for liquids (for example a 8oz soda) and cups for solid measurement like when measuring flour for a recipe. If you were to measure each in a measuring cup they would be both the same.

What is 1.9 cups on a measuring cup?

1.9 cups is 430 ml. on most measuring cups.

How many measuring cups in 1 pound?

Depends on size of measuring cups.

Do liquid measuring cups measure the same as solid measuring cups?


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