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Mean power is measured in Watts and Peak power is measured in KW.

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Q: What is the difference between mean and peak power?
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What is the difference between Peak and off peak?

peak is when the demand of electric power is very high, and off peak is when the demand is low

What is the difference between the white peak and the dark peak?

white peakcan see but dark peak can no see easily white peak can attaract eveerybody

What is the difference between the FEV1 and peak expiratory flow?

FEV1 is the peak during the first second of exhalation only.

What is peak to peak?

Peak to Peak is the most positive peak to the negative peak value. Or find any peak value and multiply by 2.

What is the difference between peak inspiratory pressure and plateau pressure?


What is the amount of space between two points?

Amount of space between two Points

Is there a difference between the Crest and the Peak Dilation of Sinusoidal Signal?

They are the same thing.

Conversion of RMS CURRENT to peak current?

In an AC circuit the voltage and current are n the form of a sine wave that goes between a maximum and minimum value 60 times a second. Measuring the difference between these values is a peak-to-peak measurement. Root Mean Square (RMS) computes an average (mean). To convert RMS to peak, multiply the RMS figure by 1.41. 1.41 is an approximation of the value of the square root of 2.

What is the difference between a mountain and a peak?

A mountain is a landmass that projects conspicuously and is always higher than a hill. A peak is the highest point of a mountain.

What is the relationship between peak current peak to peak current and RMS current?

RMS is the root mean square value.(in alternating current only)

What is the difference between PMPO and RMS?

PMPO (Peak Music Power Output) is a marketing figure with no scientific grounds. It is just made up.RMS (Root Mean Squared) is the acceptable means of calculating the power output of an audio system. Technically, it is understood that power is calculated using RMS, so it is not necessary to qualify power with RMS.IMO, any product advertising the PMPO is a piece of junk.

What is the difference between vo2 max and vo2 peak?

The difference between VO2 max and VO2 peak is what the values represent. VO2 max represents the highest running oxygen amount achievable during a high intensity test. V02 peak represents the maximum value that can be reached without having it raised by a boost.