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Materials management covering all the activities related to admin, planning, purchasing & inventory whereas purchasing will be just considering a part of Materials management.

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Q: What is the difference between materials management and procurement?
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Procurement is about buying. Logistics is about transporting.

What is the difference between purchasing and procurement?

Procurement is concerned with the overall gathering of resources, while purchasing is the specific act of acquiring something by paying money for it. Purchasing is one form of procurement.

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What is the difference between procrument and purchase?

The difference between purchasing and procurement is that to purchase something with currency or money. Procurement is the obtaining of goods and services through a bartering system.

What is the relationship between supply chain management and procurement?

supply cahin starts from the requisitining stage procurement and distribution to the end user, while procurement is the aquisition of goods and services

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What is Difference between Contract and procurement management?

Contract management is the management of contracts made with employees, vendors, partners and customers. Procurement management is where goods and services are gotten from a different organization.

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