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a living room is where you spend time with your family and friends and it is fancy wheras a lounge is a bit cassual and relaxed

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Q: What is the difference between lounge room and living room?
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What does cรณmo es la sala mean?

How is the lounge/living room or What is the lounge/living room like. (asking for a description of it).

What is the Somerset word for main room of the house?

the " living room , or the lounge

What is another name for living room?

Lounge room or sitting room are two more.

What are the release dates for House Crashers - 2009 Living Room Lounge 1-9?

House Crashers - 2009 Living Room Lounge 1-9 was released on: USA: 2010

What is the difference between a living room and a family room?

A family room is a room where you relax and talk with your family. A living room is more fancy.

What do le salon mean in french?

"un salon" is the name of the lounge or living room in a house. In an hotel it may also indicate the reception rooms.

What does au salon mean in French?

"Au salon" in French can mean "at the living room" in English.

What is 'le salon' in English?

"le salon" (masc.) is the living-room, the lounge

What does lounge suit mean for dress code?

"Lounge suit" is what the British call a man's suit, probably because their word for "living room" is "lounge" and a gentleman would wear a suit to appear in the living (or public) room. If the dress code is "lounge suit" that would mean a business suit and tie for men and a dress or dressy pantsuit for women.

What does las sala mean in English?

It means "the living room" (Sala de estar) or "the lounge", "waiting room" (sala de esperar).

Should I knock down the wall between kitchen and dining room There is an opening between dining room and lounge with a double sided log burner you would see the kitchen through the gap from the lounge?


What is 'la sala' in English?

It means "the room" or "the lounge". "Sala de estar" means "living room". "Sala de esperar" means "waiting room".